iCON iPRESS Digital Press Control

iCON iPRESS Digital Press Control


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Digital press controller for pressure pumps

Starts and stops the pump automatically when the tap is open or closed.
Power supply 240V single phase 16A

Adjustable cut in and cut out
Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years

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The BIA-iPRESS is a device used to control electric 240V pumps of 2.2kW or less. The controller monitors both the pressure and the flow and controls the operation of the pump automatically. Because of its design, there is no need for a separate pressure (expansion) tank, nor is there any need to adjust start and stop pressures as per traditional pressure switches.

Max. motor size: 2.2kW single phase
Max. amperage: 16A
Max. temperature: 60 degC
Max. pressure: 10 bar    Adjustable cut in (6bar) and cut out pressure (9.8bar)
Min. flow:  0.5 lpm

Controller comes with a fully adjustable cut in (start) pressure of between 0.5-6.0 bar and a cut out (stop) pressure of between 0.8-9.8 bar. The iPRESS has the ability to operate as either a standard auto restart pressure controller (start pressure to be set) or a automatic restart loss of prime pressure switch (start and stop pressure to be set)

The new iPRESS controller combines the advantages of both a standard pressure switch and a typical electronic automatic restart controller

Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years

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