Orange SJ100-PM10 Jet Pressure Pump

Orange SJ100-PM10 Jet Pressure Pump


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Reviews Summary by AI:

The SJ range is designed with a jet & venturi which is particularly good at purging air from the casing making it ideal for installations with long suction lines or a suction height.

Motor 0.4kW  FLC 1.5A press control

Pump performance:  

Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years

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The SJ range of Jet pumps is designed to deliver water into the home with ample pressure that can push through small pipes, around elbows, up vertical lifts and through shower roses. The PressMatic switch automatically turns the pump on and off when demanded and protects the pump from operating when there is no water. The PressMatic switch is a reliable, easy to install, cost efficient way to make the SJ range into an automatic water pressure system.

A pressure tank can be added to the system to increase the water draw off which saves energy and reduces wear and tear on the motor. The PressMatic switch is not recommended on power generators or in areas of poor power supply. Electrical surge protection can be installed for protection against power fluctuations.

AS/NZS 4020 Compliant is an Australian standard for potable water. This ensures that the water you drink, is as clean and fresh as possible.

Pump performance:    15 lpm @ 20 meters   –   30 lpm @ 15 meters

Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years

Pump Features:

  • SJ Motor & Pump
  • Constant Pressure
  • Loss of Prime Protection
  • Easy to install swivel connector
  • Plug & Play electrical lead
  • Inbuilt check valve
  • Potable water compliant
  • PressMatic AS safety compliant

Pump Benefits:

  • Ideal for home, garden or farm
  • No Maintenance or adjustments
  • Non-corrosive casing & internals
  • Anti-Cycling function
  • Run dry protection

Technical Details:

  • PressMatic – PM10
  • Cut In – 10 metres
  • Outlets – 3 outlets

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