Recent Projects

  • February 17, 2021

Solar Pump Project

Installation included floating submersible pump in dam, pipework and solar system Client can now redesign their business with constant full water supply on hand. The solar system was installed in 3 weeks and has now proved vital component of clients future business

  • July 30, 2020

CBD Storm Water Pump System

We were asked to assist in the design of a large Storm Water Pumping (SWP) system for an Iconic building in Brisbane We designed a quadruple pump station to handle small flows right through to large flows. The pumps will handle a light drizzle through to heavy Rain Events experienced in Brisbane To achieve a seamless transition between pumps starting and changing water levels in the tank, a VSD control panel was designed to meet the requirements The pumps were delivered and installed,...

  • July 30, 2020

Hot Water Washdown For Factory

We were asked to design and supply a wash down pump set for a food production factory. Scope work was to supply a pump set that can handle water at 55deg C with the factory having many hoses. We designed, manufactured and commissioned a dual VFD pump set which will supply water at 500 kPa to the hoses. All equipment supplied was Watermarked and to Australian Standards

  • March 16, 2020

Triple 18.5kW VSD Booster Pump Set

Recently we were involved in designing and installing a new booster pump set for a 50+ building in Brisbane. The client asked "How can we achieve a reliable water supply for our tenants in this building". We designed a booster pump set, new pipework and new valve arrangement to fit into the existing suction and discharge pipework. The plant room was very tight and many hours of measuring and design was required to accomplish this task. We had strict WHS and...

  • August 6, 2019

Contruction Site Dewatering

Three dewatering pumps, all of different sizes, were installed into underground tanks to allow rain water from the site to be stored then pumped away. This was a large site and with unpredictable summer rains experienced in Brisbane, the flows into the tanks varied greatly. The site remained dry over the construction period.The dewatering pumps will stay in place to prevent any future flooding.

  • July 6, 2019

South East Queensland Mains Boosting

We supplied a VSD Pump set for boosting mains water pressure. In consultation with the Hydraulic Engineer and Client, we designed and built a containerised pumping system. SMS controlled and monitored control panel designed and installed by Pumps and Pipes. The building contractor and client were very happy with the final result.

  • June 6, 2019

Storm Water Pumps And Control Panel in Brisbane CBD

We recently installed 2 x 11kw storm water pumps with a duty of 30 lps each, soft starters on each pump to avoid water hammer and a water level sensor for accurate pump starting. The original pump system had always caused water hammer and was unreliable due to tangling floats in a very turbulent  underground water tank.We designed, installed and commissioned the pump system.