Mono CP11 Cavity Industrial High Nitrile Stator Single Phase Pump

Mono CP11 Cavity Industrial High Nitrile Stator Single Phase Pump


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Designed for use where low flow or transfer duties in industrial applications are required, these units are self priming and achieve suction lifts up to 8 metres on water.
Mono’s CP Range pumps provide an economic answer to many pumping duties.
Simple design and construction provide extended pump life with minimal routine servicing.

Flow rate: 11 lpm
Head: 28 metres
Maximum speed: 1450 rpm

Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years

SKU: CP00111C1J8C


Simple design. Sturdy lightweight construction. Conveniently compact.
Whether for domestic pumping requirements, or light industrial duties – they’ll keep up with the pressure of work!
Four models available (CP11, CP25, CP800 and CP1600) each operating on the well proven “progressive cavity” principle, and between
them a variety of performance capabilities, up to a maximum capacity of 1650 gph (125lpm), and pressures of up to 92 feet (28 metres).

Stator supplied with High Nitrile for oily applications

The Principle Benefits are:
1. Capacity is proportional to speed.
2. Self priming even with entrained air.
3. Can handle a variety viscous materials.
4. Minimal damage to shear sensitive products.
5. Can handle liquids containing solids or abrasive particles.
6. Pulsation free operation.
7. Positive displacement.

Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years


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