Solar Jet DC Pump Kit SJET550B

Solar Jet DC Pump Kit SJET550B


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Solar Jet Pump Kits include:

  • Pump with performance 800 lph @  30 metres
  • 550watt 48V Solar Jet pump
  • Solar Pump Controller
  • 3 x 275 watt Solar Panels
  • MC4 connectors and cable


DC SJET Solar JET Pumps are fitted with a permanent magnet which enables the efficient use of energy from solar panels.
The Jet pump has a peripheral impeller containing numerous radial blades in its edge,suitable for pumping clean water and chemically non aggressive liquid.They have relatively simple construction and are very economical, reliable and safe. It’s widely used for household and domestic application such as water supply from wells, pools and water tank for pressure boosting, garden irrigation, washing down equipment etc.

1. Permanent magnet, brush less motor,saving energy and offering maximum efficiency.
2. NSK bearing with alloy mechanical seal,offering the longer working life.
3. MPPT function offers higher utilization rate of solar energy.
4. Water proof and leak proof based on double water seal.
5. Controller maximum’s operating temperature:60℃
6. Featured functions: Soft start protection, High/Low voltage protection,

Over current/load protection.

Working conditions

Pump performance: duty  800lph @ 30metres
Power Supply, Solar panel and storage batteries
DC48 Solar pumps: 48 voltage
Water temperature: ≤35℃, PH value 6.5 ~ 8.0
Suction lift up to 8 m.

3 x 275 watt Solar Panels

Polycrystalline Module Panel
CELL – Hyperion Nano Structure Rebuilding (NSR) Technology
CUT – Latest diamond cell cutting technology
COLOUR – Consistent dark blue cell colouration
CONSISTENSY – Hyperion manufactured in Phono Solar’s own 2.5GW cell facility

Dimensions – 1640mm length, 992mm width, 35mm height
18kg weight per panel
3.2mm toughened glass
Anodized aluminium alloy frame
4mm2 (IEC), 3 meters cable

Additional information

Weight100 kg
Dimensions120 × 90 × 50 cm

Solar Panel Hyperion Data Sheet 275W