Franklin 6inch 45kW 60HP Submersible Bore Pump Motor Qld

Franklin 6inch 45kW 60HP Submersible Bore Pump Motor Qld


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45kW 60HP 6″ Submersible Bore Pump Motor 
Pumps for Water Supply and Irrigation
Three phase 415 V 50 hz 2900 rpm FLC  87.9A
Please call for pricing and more information
Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years   Made in USA

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45kW 6″ Standard Submersible Motor can be installed on all wet ends with Spline Coupling. Can be used on following pump ends: Franklin, Lowara, Southern Cross, TKL, Goulds and Grundfos


  • Hermetically sealed stator, anti track self healing stator resin prevents motor burn out
  • Removable Water Bloc™ lead connector
  • Cable material according to drinking water regulations (VDE/ACS/KTW approved)
  • All motors are prefilled with water and 100% testedTechnical Specifications:
  • 45.0 kW 6″ NEMA flange, Outside Diameter 138 mm
  • Starts per hour: max. 10 vertical or horizontal installation
  • Standard voltage: 415 V/50Hz FLC  87.9 Amps
  • Voltage tolerance 50 Hz: 415 Volt AC -10% / +6%
  • Insulation: Class F Rated ambient temperature: 30°C ,Cooling flow: min. 0.16 m/s
  • Single Motor lead in 4 meter length (VDE/ACS/KTW approved)
  • Types of starting Soft Starter, VSD or VFD, Auto Transformer (please call to discuss)

Please call for pricing, more information or to discuss

Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years   Made in USA

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