Davey 5265H Twin Impeller 6.5HP Honda Fire Fighter 5265-H –

Davey 5265H Twin Impeller 6.5HP Honda Fire Fighter 5265-H –

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Pump performance: 150 lpm @ 700 kPa (93 psi)

Rugged, economical twin stage self priming pump.
6.5hp Honda GX200 unleaded engine.

Manufacturer’s warranty:  1 year on pump 3 years on Honda

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Davey Firefighter® Twin Stage Self Priming Pump

Pump performance:  Shut off head 980 kPa (130 psi)
Pump performance:  150 lpm @ 700 kPa
Pump performance:  200 lpm @ 550 kPa
Pump performance:  300 lpm @ 350 kPa

Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 litres
Fuel consumption: 2.05 litres per hour running at 3600 rpm
Noise level:  86 dba running at 3600 rpm
Maximum suction lift: 7 metres
Maximum water temperature: 50ºC
Minimum water temperature: 1ºC
Maximum casing pressure: 1600 kPa
Minimum suction pipe size: 40mm MI BSP  (11/2”)
Suction pipe strainer: Required
Inlet size: 40mm MI (11/2”)
Outlet sizes: 4 Way – 2 x 11/2” BSP(M) & 2 x 1” BSP(M)

Manufacturer’s warranty:  Wet End 1 year , Honda GX200 Engine 3 Years

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Dimensions70 × 60 × 50 cm