VASCO 438 18.5kW 38 Amp VFD Three Phase Wall Mounted Variable Speed Drive For Pumps

VASCO 438 18.5kW 38 Amp VFD Three Phase Wall Mounted Variable Speed Drive For Pumps


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Vasco 438 Variable Speed Drive
Constant pressure for wash down, irrigation, water transfer or filtration pumps
360 – 440 Vac three phase FLC 38.0 amps
Wall mounted
Bluetooth communication if required
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The Vasco range of variable speed drives are cost-effective, wall mounted drive which can be retrofitted to many types of pump.

Pump controlled by VFD’s:  Multistage and end suction pumps, submersible bore pumps and most centrifugal pumps

Application designs:  Constant Pressure Potable water, Building water supply, Water for filtration and RO plants, commercial watering, irrigation and water transfer

Power supply:          360-440 Volt three phase 18.5 kW FLC 38 Amps
Motor Protection:   Over and under Voltage , Overload adjustable, Adjustable max and min frequency, phase failure
Pump protection:    Dry run protection, High and low pressure alarm,
Alarm response:      Audible alarm, Shut down and auto re-start
Mounting:                 Wall mounted with wall template supplied (for secure mounting)
Cascade number:     up to four (4) units can be wired together for multi pump system
Control options:      Pressure control, level control, temperature control
Transducer:              4-20mA 0-10v many options, 0-10bar, 0-16bar, 0-25bar, 0-40bar etc

Programming:  Contact us for information on programming and fault analyses

Manufacturer’s warranty:  12 months  Made in Italy

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