VASCO 418 Variable Speed Drive 415Vac 7.5kW

VASCO 418 Variable Speed Drive 415Vac 7.5kW


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7.5kW Variable Speed Drive
415Vac three phase FLC 18.0amps
Motor mount version
Italian Quality
Can be installed on pump units or wall mounted
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VASCO is a variable frequency drive designed to control and protect pumping systems by varying the output frequency to the pump. VASCO can be applied to both new and existing pumping systems, and provides:

  • energy and cost savings
  • simplified installation and an overall lower pumping system cost
  • longer life of the pumping system and relevant components
  • improved reliability VASCO, when connected to any pump, manages the system operation to maintain a certain constant physical quantity (pressure, differential pressure, flow, temperature, etc.) regardless of the conditions of use. The pump is operated only when needed thus avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

VASCO at the same time is able to:

  • protect the motor from overload and dry running
  • implement soft start and soft stop to increase the system life and reduce current peaks
  • provide an indication of current consumption, voltage, and power
  • maintain a record of run time and display any errors and/or failures reported by the system
  • control up to two additional pumps at a constant speed (Direct On Line)
  • connect to other VASCO units for combined operation

Through the use of inductive filters (optional) VASCO eliminates dangerous surges that are induced in long cables, making VASCO suitable for control of submersible pumps

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 18 cm
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