Hydrovar HVL4.110 11kW Three Phase Motor Mount VSD

Hydrovar HVL4.110 11kW Three Phase Motor Mount VSD


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Hydrovar 11.0kW Variable Speed Drive
415V three phase supply FLC 24 amps
Motor mount version
Can be installed for any pump unit
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Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years  Made in Italy

SKU: HVL4.110


Hydrovar HVL4.110 from Lowara comes as an intelligent controller that matches pump performance to demand. The Hydrovar VSD controls the speed of a standard IEC motor by converting the fixed voltage and frequency from the power supply line.

The Hydrovar drives can be fitted with ease to any new pump system or retrofitted to existing pumps using the fast and easy “clip and play” mounting clamps.


Pump mounted version will fit on any standard IEC motor
Easy to commission, setup & operate with the easy start up menu
New features include a larger screen display
No external control panel needed
No water hammer, Lower starting current
Multi-pump capability comes as standard which allows control from 1 to 8 pumps

Hydrovar Electrical Data:

Power Supply:  380-460±15%  50hz (Three phase)
Current:  Maximum Input Current  24.2 amps
Efficiency Rating:  97%
Output Supply:  Maximum Output Voltage 0-100% (Three phase) Current 24 amps
Frequency:  Output frequency 15-70 hertz
Pressure transducer: 0-10V or 0-15V 4-20mA 10bar, 25bar or 40bar

Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years  Made in Italy

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Weight12 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 20 cm


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