Filtraworx FW 080-F Auto Self Cleaning Water Filter

Filtraworx FW 080-F Auto Self Cleaning Water Filter

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80mm, Inlet & outlet connections 3″ Flanged

Filters used for
• Irrigation
• Cooling towers and process water
• Surface and underground waters
• System protection
• Nozzle protection
• Membrane & UV lamps protection
• Recycled water
• Municipal water supply

SKU: FW080-F


FILTAWORX® range of fully automatic self cleaning filters have been designed and built in Australia by an experienced team of engineers using he latest 3D CAD software. FILTAWORX® filters are one of the most technically innovative self-cleaning filters available, combining proven high performance, reliability and economy in a compact robust design.

Features include:
▲ Stainless steel filter body as standard.
▲ All parts are made of corrosion resistant materials.
▲ Fully automatic back flush operation.
▲ Available with hydraulic or electric controls.
▲ Large filtration area.
▲ Wide range of fine screen sizes, 50 to 800 microns.
▲ Standard sizes from DN50 to DN350 (2” – 14”).
▲ Pressure rating of PN10 as standard.
▲ Simple and quick installation.
▲ Full support and after sales service.
▲ Designed, built and tested in Australia.
Selecting the right FILTAWORX® filter for your particular application is crucial in achieving the best result. We recommend it be done in consultation with your FILTAWORX® dealer or Triangle Waterquip, who have extensive experience and know-how to assist you.

The following information will help you and us make the correct selection.
1. The application and equipment you are protecting.
2. Maximum and minimum flow rate that the filter will need to handle.
3. System operating pressure, and pump details/curve if available.
4. Level of filtration/screen size required.
5. Dirt loading (Total Suspended Solids – TSS) of the water, if known.
6. Type of solids that are present, i.e. sand, algae, paper fibre, etc.
7. Filter control logic other than standard that may be required.
8. Water temperature and any chemical/corrosiveness content if known.

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