Filtaworx FW 300 Auto Self Cleaning Industrial Filters

Filtaworx FW 300 Auto Self Cleaning Industrial Filters

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FW 300 – 12″, 2640 Flow rate


  • Cooling towers & process water
  • Raw water intakes from rivers, dams, wells, etc.
  • Process water filtration
  • Equipment protection – pump gland seals, bearings, compressors, valves, heat exchanges, chillers, spray nozzles, etc.
  • Irrigation – Drip, micro, sprinkler & golf
  • Recycled effluent water (irrigation & industry)
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FILTAWORX self-cleaning industrial water filters are designed and manufactured in Australia, and are of the highest quality. The fully automated, stainless steel water filtration units can withstand some of the harshest environments, and come in a wide variety of filter screen sizes – from 50 to 800 microns. The extensive FILTAWORX range can handle high-volume water filtration, from 25 to 900 cubic meters per hour in a single unit.

The self-cleaning and flushing technology employed by FILTAWORX filters allows for an uninterrupted flow of water – reducing plant downtime and maintenance – and ensures downstream equipment and processes receive clean, quality water at all times. The water filters can be hydraulically or electrically controlled, depending on the specific needs of the installation, and are extremely user-friendly.

These anti-corrosive, self-contained, auto-flushing filters can be used in a variety of applications and environments, including mine water management, assembly line and industrial water filtration, high-volume irrigation systems and commercial borehole filtration.


FILTAWORX filters are available in an extensive range of sizes from 50mm to 350mm nominal bore, and can be arranged in a number of configurations to handle larger volumetric flowrates.

Screen sizes range from 50 micron to 800 micron screens, depending on the size and type of particulates that need to be removed from the water stream.

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