Ultraflow UMGN1500/32/1 Single Phase Manual Grinder Pump

Ultraflow UMGN1500/32/1 Single Phase Manual Grinder Pump


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Model Number: UMGN1500/32/1
Pump performance :  duty 3.3 lps @ 20.0 meters
1.5kW / 2HP Power
Mains supply 240/1/50
32mm FI BSP Outlet
Manual start method

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The Ultraflow Sewage Grinder range of submersible pumps are suitable for;

  • Raw sewage transfer
  • Trade waste disposal
  • Grey water and septic transfers
  • Pumping liquids with soft solids
  • For applications with high static heads &/or long distances

Pump performance :  duty 1.8 lps @ 20.0 meters

Pump Impeller: Semi Open impeller
Pump Connection: 32mm FI BSP flanged elbow supplied
Grinder: Heat treated 440 Stainless steel blades
Material of Construction: Cast Iron casing and stainless steel shaft
Dual Mechanical seal: Upper Carbon/Ceramic Lower Silicon/Silicon
Motor:   1.5kW 240/1/50 IP68 2 pole FLC 3.4 amps Dry Motor
Motor Protection:  Overload cut out, auto reset
Motor cable:  H07RN-F cable 3C + E  1.5mm 3C + E 10 meters in length
Weight:  36kg


  • CE& ISO 9001 certified
  • All metal construction
  • Dual mechanical seal + lip seal in oil bath
  • Silicon carbide faces to lower seal
  • Double bearing at lower end of electrical motor
  • Can be installed with a guide rail system

Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years  Made in Taiwan

Additional information

Weight33 kg
Dimensions28.5 × 20.3 × 54.6 cm


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