Tsurumi LSC1.4S Puddle Sucka Drainage Pump

Tsurumi LSC1.4S Puddle Sucka Drainage Pump


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Tsurmi LSC Puddle sump pump.

Pump performance:  80lpm @ 8.0 meters
25mm Bore Discharge with handle
240/1/50, 0.48kw FLC 2.9A single phase
Pumps water down to 1mm
Manual operation with 10 meter motor lead



The LSC Puddle pump is a single-phase portable drainage pump. Specially designed bottom plate enables the pump to drain down to 1mm water level. It has a swing check valve that prevents reverse-flow of the sucked water when the pump stops its operation. The rubber stand protects the floor surface from scratching. The discharge direction is selectable between vertical and inclined, which prevents folding or bending of the discharge hose. Manual operation of pump, no automatic operation.

Pump performance:  80 lpm @ 8.0 meters

• Flow-thru Design with thermal motor protection

• Dual Inside Mechanical Seal
• Cable Clip
• Rubber Stand
• Reverse-flow Prevention Mechanism
• Multi-directional Hose Coupling

Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years Made in Japan

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 36 × 25 × 24 cm

Tsurumi Pump

Tsurumi LSC1.4S Data Sheet


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