Angus Wellmaster 2″ Layflat Bore Pump Hose – Pricing Per Metre

Angus Wellmaster 2″ Layflat Bore Pump Hose – Pricing Per Metre


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Layflat Rising hose designed for bore pumps

  • 250m total working head
  • 2 inch diameter (51mm)
  • Tensile strengths to 20 tonnes
  • max 200meter single lengths
  • No corrosion, No bacteria growth
    Manufacturer’s warranty:  5 year
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Wellmaster is the Industry Standard Flexible Rising Main for all types of
ground water extraction and well monitoring operations.

A low cost flexible layflat riser designed for use with submersible pumps in groundwater borehole extraction. Offers major cost savings and performance advantages over conventional rigid polyethylene, PVC, glass fibre and galvanised pipe.

Wellmaster is manufactured from high tenacity synthetic yarns, circular woven and totally encapsulated in a tough elastomeric polyurethane lining and cover. The riser has an integral textile reinforced rib for location of the power cable strapping system.


  •  Lightweight, layflat coilable construction for ease of storage,
    handling and transport
  • World-wide potable water approval
  • High safety margins in both tensile and hydraulic performance
  • Total corrosion, microbiological and internal scaling resistance
  • Compatible with all types of submersible pumps
  • Long operational life with a 5 year warranty
  • Highly abrasion resistant lining and cover
  • Superior hydraulic performance with low friction loss for reduced
    operational costs
  • Rapid installation and retrieval methods resulting in substantial labour and cost savings
  • Manufactured under Angus Flexible Pipelines ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems accreditation
  • Available with a range of reusable field-fittable high security 316 stainless steel couplings and a full range of other accessories.

Approvals & Listings

  • Regulation 31 UK Drinking Water Inspectorate
  • NSF/ANSI-61
  • AS 4020 in Australia

Typical Applications
Proven performance over thirty years in over 70,000 installations.

  • Potable and mineral groundwater extraction
  • Water supply wells for agricultural and domestic use
  • Mine and quarry de-watering
  • Drains, caisson duty, offshore rigs and platforms
  • Wells for reverse osmosis plants
  • Groundwater stabilisation on building sites
  • Groundwater pressure reduction in tunnelling operations
  • pricing per meter

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