Lorentz Helical Rotor PS2-150 HR-07S-3 Submersible Solar Pump

Lorentz Helical Rotor PS2-150 HR-07S-3 Submersible Solar Pump


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The PS150 controller and ECODRIVE 150-HR-S- 3.5″ DC motor is matched to the HR-07 Helical Rotor pump for increased head pressure of up to 40 metres with a flow rater of up to 1.2m3/hr.
​This combination is suitable for installation in 3.5″ water bores.

includes helical rotor pump, EC Drive motor and PS2-150 controller


SKU: PS215007S3


The PS2 is the latest generation of LORENTZ’s high efficiency, reliable solar water pumping systems. The PS2 has a range of controllers and motor sizes up to 4KW in size and can be coupled with an extensive range of pumps for submersible, surface or swimming pool applications.
The Lorentz solar pump range of DC powered helical rotor and centrifugal pumps have been designed specifically to pump water efficiently using solar power, for a large range of head and flow requirements in both surface and submersible applications. The pumps are simple, efficient and reliable, and are capable of pumping water with very low levels of solar power.
Each system consists of a pump, motor and a controller. This modular design concept keeps all electronics above ground providing, simple servicing, ease of access and a low cost of ownership.
The PS2 range is accredited with the Clean Energy Council of Australia which gives farmers confidence our products have been stringently tested in regards to quality and safety standards. It also means customers are eligible for a rebate.
Our Lorentz PS2 range is now also backed by a 4 year extended on-farm warranty when installed by an accredited dealer.


All pump kits are assembled to order. No two water bores, water sources or user requirement are the same. Components are sources from within Australia and may take a couple of days to be delivered to my workshop for pre-assembly and a day or two to put a kit together and package it for dispatch. The solar panels are packaged flat on a pallet marked top load only. This may account for the freight taking a bit longer to reach it’s destination. It may take up to two weeks for a pump kit to reach it’s destination once payment is complete.

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