Warranty is limited to replacement or repair, at Manufactures’ discretion, of any parts or equipment without removal and reinstallation cost for a period of 12 months from date of invoice, provided such part or equipment that is deemed by the respective manufacture to be faulty. Any work done on site to inspect or remedy faults that are subsequently not accepted as being under warranty by the manufacturer, or are caused by misuse, fair wear or tear, the lack of preventative maintenance, or by not carrying out standard operating procedures will be charged at parts and labour and travelling time rates applicable at the time.

If Buyer requires our services in respect of site inspection or service outside of what is covered by Manufacturers’ warranties, then Buyer should enter into a separate agreement with Pumps and Pipes in respect to the same. In the event of no such separate agreement, all operation, calibrating, cleaning and maintenance of plant is the responsibility of the Buyer. 

Pumps and Pipes have not acted as a consultant nor charged design fees on this project, and are in no way responsible for, nor guarantee any specific level or performance of the equipment supplied unless such guarantee is specially given in writing.

Under no circumstance is Pumps and Pipes liable for any direct or consequential loss or damage to persons or properties of any nature due to any cause whatsoever.

Pumps and Pipes reserves the right to inspect any warranty claim before authorizing rectification work to be carried out under warranty. All items are subject to all warranty conditions of the respective manufacturer or importer and an inspection may be required by the manufacturer or importer. 

Failure to carry out proper maintenance works at suitable regular intervals may void the warranty.

The warranty does not cover any pump installed in any situation for which it is not designed for including operating outside of the pumps physical, chemical or mechanical capabilities, notwithstanding the pump is supplied to a written specification.