Lowara 46SV6F220T 22kW Vertical Multistage Pump

Lowara 46SV6F220T 22kW Vertical Multistage Pump


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Water supply, irrigation and water treatment systems

Pump performance:  12.5 lps @  120 metres
22.0 kW 400/3/50 supply
DIN 80 PN25 80mm round flanges

Manufacturer’s warranty 2 years Made in Italy

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46SV6F220T is certified by Australian Standard AS4020 for use with drinking water

Pump performance:   12.5 lps @ 120 metres

  • Maximum operating pressure: 40 bar
  • Temperature of pumped liquid: from -30°C to 120°C
  • Water supply and booster systems
  • replacement for DPVF45-6 , SV4606 and CR45-60
  • Lowara 46SV6F220T
  • Connection DN80 PN25 flanged
  • Motor 22kW 400/3/50 IP55 2 pole IEC flanged
  • Applications

    • Lowara pumps from Italy can be used in many applications including:
      • Residential and building supply pumps
      • Utility and mains boosting
      • Hot water applications
      • Water treatment and RO reverse osmosis applications
      • Food, chemical and process industry
      • Irrigation and boiler feed applications
      • AS4020 Drinking water approved, light aggressive fluids
    • Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years Made in Italy

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