Dual 4.0 lps VSD Booster system

Dual 4.0 lps VSD Booster system


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Dual vertical multistage pump set

Booster set performance: 4.0 lps @ 70okPa

Complete AISI304 stainless steel pumps and manifolds
Water supply, irrigation and wash down applications

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Water booster sets are used in supplying constant pressure to buildings, hospitals, town water supply, mining applications, house or housing complexes or irrigation systems.

Booster set includes :  Dual (2) vertical multistage pumps and controls

Variable Frequency Drives which run the pumps at constant pressure
Two (2) 3.0kw 240/1/50 supply – complete stainless steel vertical multistage pumps

Booster set performance: 4.0 lps @ 700kPa

Two motor mount VFD’s to control the pumps
Low and high pressure shut down, low and high voltage shut down

DN50 AISI304 stainless steel manifolds, isolation valves and non return valves
DB electrical board with mains isolation, individual C/B for each pumps

Manufactured and Tested in Australia

Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years


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Weight180 kg
Dimensions120 × 120 × 160 cm