dp pumps DPV10/6M 240V Vertical Multistage Pump

dp pumps DPV10/6M 240V Vertical Multistage Pump


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DPV pump can be customised to suit many applications

Model Number: DPV 10/6M
2.2 kW single phase motor 240/1/50
PN10 DN40 oval flanges – Cast Stainless steel

AISI304 stainless wet ends




  • duijvelaar pumps are made in The Netherlands can be used in many applications including:
    • Residential and building supply pumps
    • Utility and mains boosting
    • Hot water applications
    • Water treatment and RO reverse osmosis applications
    • Food, chemical and process industry
    • Irrigation and boiler feed applications
    • DPV pumps can be customised so that it is suitable for reliable operation in the most extreme situations:
    • AS4020 Drinking water approved, light aggressive fluids
    • Large choice of motors 50hz or 60hz and different voltages
    • Temperature range -15degC to 110degC

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Weight49 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 90 cm

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