HP20131-H 13HP GX390 Honda Engine High Pressure Pump

HP20131-H 13HP GX390 Honda Engine High Pressure Pump


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HIGH PRESSURE – 2” Cast Iron pump
Built locally with Honda GX390 13hp recoil start engine
Suction: 2” MI BSP thread , Discharge: 2” MI BSP thread

Pump performance:  200 lpm @ 700 kPa
Pump performance:  300 lpm @ 500 kPa

Manufacturer’s warranty:  2 years  Assembled in Australia


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2″ Honda GX390 Petrol Powered High Pressure Pump

Honda Powered” high pressure pumps are the ideal choice for moving water to great heights, or long distances.  This “Built in Australia” pump unit is ideal for tasks such as washing down construction equipment, emergency water transfer or firefighting situations.

Pump Performance:      Shut off head 1000 kPa ( 134 psi)
Flow rate:  100 lpm @ 890 kPa
Flow rate:  200 lpm @ 700 kPa
Flow rate:  300 lpm @ 500 kPa
Flow rate:  400 lpm @ 260 kPa

Suction lift:   7 Metres Suction Lift  (max) : note total pressure created by pump must include suction losses

Pump:    Clean Water Pump

Pump connections: 2″ MI BSP Suction Port , 1 x 2″ MI BSP Discharge Port
Cast Iron body & Single Impeller
Standard with NBR Seals & Ceramic Mechanical Seal

Unit & Frame:  Black Powder Coated Roll Frame

Engine:  Honda GX390 Series 13.0HP Petrol Engine

Air cooled 4-stroke OHV
Recoil Start , 6.1L Fuel Tank
Low Oil Alert

Honda 3 Year Limited Warranty  Made in Japan


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